Mercy High School will institute E-LEARNING Days, a designated home-based online learning model, due to any reason the school facility may be unavailable for attendance. Mercy E-LEARNING Days benefit our students by providing an opportunity to continue learning without schedule disruption. Thank you for your patience and support as we work through this level of student support!

A Schoology page will provide more details about the E-LEARNING program as well as offer instructions and tutorials for a few recommended tools. We will continuously update this web page with ongoing digital curriculum information, resources and announcements.

  • Students and teachers will participate in mandatory classes remotely, and need to be prepared for online interaction during the scheduled start time of each class. A standard school day schedule will be communicated and followed. This is to support the opportunity for interactive lessons, and to be sure teachers are available to students during scheduled class time.
  • Online lessons may consist of direct instruction (interactive, live lessons delivered through online streaming tools) or indirect instruction (takes the form of learning plans that are shared out by the beginning of the class period).
  • Teachers will post all assigned work and activities with clearly defined deadlines via Schoology by the end of the scheduled daily class time of the designated E-LEARNING Day.
  • Students are responsible for checking both Schoology and their school email accounts daily to view assigned activities and class communications from both teachers, advisors and the Mercy administration.
  • Students are responsible for having all textbooks/resources at home with them when there is warning of a designated E-LEARNING Day.
  • Teachers will check email regularly throughout the day in support of students. Although E-LEARNING Day class time is a reduced schedule, Mercy staff will be available from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, and will monitor email throughout this time when not teaching classes.
  • Students are responsible for completing all assigned activities within the teacher-specified timeframe.
  • Uncompleted assignments/activities will be considered missing work. Late work for unexcused class participation may not be accepted, according to individual teacher policy.
  • If a student is sick or unable to participate in assigned E-LEARNING Day classes, a parent is required to contact the Attendance Office by 9:00am of the E-LEARNING Day. The student should work with the teacher to determine any alternative due dates, and is responsible for completing all E-LEARNING Day activities once they are well. Students should reach out to their teachers to determine alternate assignment due dates.



Attendance Office: attendance@adamstvl.com2020欧洲杯在线投注 or 248-248-476-2222

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